Dynamic Web Sites


Motionless, unchanging, moribund, dormant. Many websites are static because every change requires the services of an expensive expert. Search Engines(like Google) put static sites into a death spiral. Who goes to a web site that never changes? A few people to get the phone number or address of the business. That’s all. These sites are listed on about page 10.


Dynamic sites are alive, active and in the hunt. Change indicates the owner is keeping the site content fresh. Fresh content attracts not only new but repeat visitors. Search Engines are more likely to put dynamic sites on the first page of a search list.


Our sites are designed from the bottom up so they can be maintained by the owner. High priced experts need not apply. Does this mean yet another task for an already overworked business owner? Not necessarily. We all farm out tasks we can do ourselves. Things like tax returns or mowing the lawn. But if its easy enough that the owner can do it, an experienced web person can do it in a snap. Less time means less money, and that means less incentive to remain static. Either way you go, your web site can be dynamic and it won’t drain your finances.

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